Tulum Paradise

Tulum is so much more than its famous ruins by the sea. The white silky sand beaches and turquoise Caribbean waters have earned Tulum a spot at the top of the Best Beaches in the World lists year after year. The biosphere reserve of Sian Ka’an, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997 boasts nearly 800,000 acres of pristine biodiversity.

The town of Tulum

The town of Tulum is concentrated along one main avenue filled with a variety of restaurants, shops, local fruit and fish markets, bars, coffee shops, and internet cafes.

We also encourage our visitors to help protect our delicate eco-system by taking shorter showers, re-using sheets and towels when possible, turning off lights when unnecessary, and picking up after yourself while on our beaches and nature tours. Tulum will continue to be a pristine oasis of natural beauty if we all do our part to help preserve it.

Travelers from all over the world meet here in this quaint pueblo to share travel stories and experience a taste of the Mexican way of life. If you venture past the bustling main avenue you will find that the Mayan lifestyle is very much alive here as well. Families cooking over open flame and offering their truly authentic flavors to passersby, cabana doors open to capture tropical breezes, afternoon hammock siestas, roosters strutting around the yards, and bicycle vendors announcing their pastries for sale are all part of the scene that makes Tulum the quintessential small Caribbean town.

No matter where you go in Tulum, the beach, the jungle, the ruins, or the town, there is a spiritual connection that is nearly tangible.

The Mayan Culture

With 23 known archeological sites of the Mayan civilization and over 200 successful conservation projects to date, this fantastically beautiful nature preserve is home to a variety of wildlife species and rich Mayan history both ancient and still in practice today.

The Tulum beach is an ecological zone powered mainly by solar and wind genorators. Electricity at most hotels is limited to nighttime hours. Recepticles for charging laptops and other electronics are available in the reception area of all hotels and are safely guarded when left overnight to charge.

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