Where the Sky is Born

Sian Kaan

The biosphere reserve of Sian Ka’an, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997 boasts nearly 800,000 acres of pristine biodiversity. With 23 known archeological sites of the Mayan civilization and over 200 successful conservation projects to date, this fantastically beautiful nature preserve is home to a variety of wildlife species and rich Mayan history both ancient and still in practice today.

Our tours offer you the opportunity to connect with nature and explore untouched beaches, lagoons, and jungle. You can also choose to have a first hand look inside the Mayan community and take part in their sacred rituals and ceremonies. Come to Sian Ka’an with us and we will show you why Tulum is such a natural treasure.

Our adventure includes a ruins visit with a local Mayan guide who details the ancient city and how it was used. Then a boat ride through freshwater lagoons leads you through canals used by the Mayans to trade goods with other inland cities. Jump in for a float with the current through the mangroves and crystal clear water. Always a highlight adventure of our groups!

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