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Cenote Snorkel

Exploring these refreshing and beautiful natural wonders is a must while visiting the area. Our adventure takes you to one of the largest cenotes in the area. Includes roundtrip transportation, snack, entrance fees, local guide and all equipment.

The underground river system

You will find many different types of cenotes in and around Tulum. Each cenote is connected and part of a large underground river system flowing out into the Caribbean Sea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?2023-03-16T01:13:20-05:00

Our guesthouse is located right on the heart of Tulum, steps away from the best bars and restaurants in town.

We provide accommodation for up to 9 people in our three beautiful apartments. With air conditioner, full private bathroom, kitchen, ceiling fans, dinner table, laptop/working desk, electric oven, juicer and mini fridge.

What are the check-in and check-out times?2019-03-11T04:18:58-05:00

Check-in is at 14pm
Check-out is at 12pm (noon)

Which airport do I fly into?2023-03-16T01:12:25-05:00

Cancun is the nearest airport, and Tulum is located 1.5 hours south of the Cancun airport by car.

Do I need a passport for travel to Mexico?2023-03-16T01:12:34-05:00

Yes, a valid passport is required to pass through Mexico. Please make sure to pack yours!

How can I get to and from the airport?2019-03-11T04:20:34-05:00

We can arrange ground transportation for you, through reliable and comfortable services.

Is there electricity and outlets in the rooms?2023-03-16T01:14:39-05:00

Yes, we have electricity and internet connection 24/7

Are the outlets the same as the USA?2019-03-11T04:21:41-05:00

Yes the outlets here in Mexico are the same as in the USA so you do not need to bring any kind of converter or adapter for charging your devices unless you are coming from other countries. Please limit your items to low voltage pieces.

Are the rooms air-conditioned?2019-03-11T04:22:06-05:00

Yes, all our rooms are air-conditioned, and lot of fans.

Do you accept credit cards? Can I use my credit card in Tulum?2023-03-16T01:14:43-05:00

Yes, we accept credit cards, bank transfers, paypal and cryptocurrency (bitcoin, dash and ethereum)

Most local establishments accept credit cards but are best paid in cash.

Can I pay for things in US Dollars in Mexico?2019-03-11T04:24:23-05:00

Yes, most places accept US Dollars but you will be given your change in Mexican pesos. We advise changing your money to pesos or taking pesos directly from the ATM machines located at the airport and in the town of Tulum.

What is the weather like?2023-03-16T01:15:15-05:00

While we cannot predict the weather, it is usually sunny and comfortable here on the beach. July, August and September are the hottest months and December, January and February are the breeziest, especially in the evenings. Tropical showers are expected in August, September, October and November, but they usually pass quickly, leaving clear blue skies, lots of warmth and sunshine. The following link gives average temperatures and precipitation throughout the year. See www.weather.com for current forecasts.

What if I get sick and need a doctor?2023-03-16T01:14:10-05:00

We have a very good doctor in town. There are two hospitals and other clinical specialists.

to the Underworld

Cenotes were sacred to the ancient Mayans, thought to be the passage and connection to the Underworld. Ceremonies and rituals took place inside these cavernous, fresh water sinkholes. Filled with stalactites and stalagmites, crystal clear cool water, and small fish, turtles, and birds these hidden treasures are unique only to the Yucatan Peninsula.

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