Snorkel at Dos Ojos and Akumal Bay

The snorkel tour is an amazing experience, totally recommended for a group of friends. Starts at 8am in Tulum town, take the equipment and leave in a minivan to the first swimming spot. Comfy and protected in your wetsuit, you will swim in the crystal clear water of cenotes “Dos Ojos”, the west eye, the east eye and the batcave (a hidden cenote). You will see unique natural formations, stalactites, stalagmites and incredible lighting effects, always surrounded by the sacred mayan jungle.

The underground river system

For the second part of the tour we will make a 20 minute drive to Akumal and have lunch sitting at our picnic under the palm trees, right on the beach.

What does the tour include ?

  • Transportation -leaving at 9am, arriving back by 2pm
  • All equipment
  • Tour guide (EN/SP/FR/GR/ITA)
  • Entrances

to the Underworld

Akumal’s Bay is known by it’s calm water and the cercany to the second lagest coral reef in the word, making really easy to snorkel and see tons of fishes, rays, octupuses, barracudas and the giant “caguama” turtles.

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