Cavern scuba dive at the cenotes

Join us in paradise to explore cenotes, unique only to the Yucatan Peninsula which is home to the world’s only natural, underground river systems. These crystal clear fresh water sink holes were known to the Mayan culture as the passage and connection to the underworld.

Our guides and instructors are PADI or NACD certified, cave and cavern trained with years of experience diving in the area. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us and our staff provides all the knowledge for beginnings and experts alike to dive safely in these wonderful underground worlds.

The underground river system

You will find many different types of cenotes in and around Tulum. Each cenote is connected and part of a large underground river system flowing out into the Caribbean Sea.

to the Underworld

Come explore these cool, fresh water pools filled with cavelike formations, stalactites, stalagmites and incredible lighting effects in the crystal clear water. Unlike anything you have ever experienced, these majestic caverns offer marvels at every turn making memories to last a lifetime!

Enjoy great visibility and colorful reef dives along the second largest reef in the world with sightings of Caguama sea turtles, Bull Sharks, Stingrays and more. We even offer opportunities for diving with Bull Sharks when in season or to the deepest Cenote in the area

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