Cenote Snorkel

A Connection to the Underworld

Cenotes were sacred to the ancient Mayans, thought to be the passage and connection to the Underworld. Ceremonies and rituals took place inside these cavernous, fresh water sinkholes. Filled with stalactites and stalagmites, crystal clear cool water, and small fish, turtles, and birds these hidden treasures are unique only to the Yucatan Peninsula.

You will find many different types of cenotes in and around Tulum. They range from open lagoon-like formations, to caverns, caves, and pockets deep into the earth accessible only through a small hole in the ground. Each cenote is connected and part of a large underground river system flowing out into the Caribbean Sea.

Exploring these refreshing and beautiful natural wonders is a must while visiting the area.  Our adventure takes you to one of the largest cenotes in the area. Includes roundtrip transportation, snack, entrance fees, local guide and all equipment.

Package pricing varies. Please contact us for more information.